Justus fitz Ternon Named Royal Bard of the Kingdom of Atlantia

Justus fitz Ternon was named Royal Bard of Atlantia January 8, 2005 at the Kingdom's Twelfth night celebration.

Vels Warfarefond of the Kingdom of Calontir writes:

It is a mark of another good day for Calontir and for House de Caer Leon, for Justus fitz Ternon (and locally as Justus of Calontir) has been named Royal Bard of Atlantia and this weekends Twelfth Night in that same kingdom.

Throughout the day, competitors sang, told stories and entertained their Majesties and the populace with style and wordskill. Long then, by feast there were but three remaining. Those judging found there was great difficulty in deciding whom should be the final victor among that fine assembly of orators and musicians. Their Majesties announced the rules for the final bout during court. A song must be written, between that moment and feast, when the final act will be played in this grand sceme. This song must be strong. It must be a song of war and telling the courage of the people who fight for this land. And finally, it must incorporate the Kingdoms totem animal.

(Now some at this point would ask how in the hell you make a sea-horse with a unicorn's horn into something menacing. We can all be honest here, its just about silly when you think about it. But, there aren't many maritime beasts to draw from that are frightening, and it could have been far worse. I mean, the kingdom totem could be a barnacle or a flounder... what kind of ferocity would those induce?)

See then, the finalists hurredly began setting lyrics on paper feverishly. The din of pencil on paper neigh on droon out the heralds, and some said there was smoke arising from the pages scribbled. Of the three, it was Justus whose words charged the audience. It was a march, strong and steady. A war song that all could sing easily, if not pleasantly. It was of such quality that it moved the audience to include their own cheers of 'Spike', without prompting, where it fit into the measure of the chorus.

I must say I smiled broad when I heard the announcement. Aye, it was the pride of seeing family do well on foriegn field, as oft times before. He has done well, and done well for us. But, it should be noted that it was from a Calontir that Atlantia has come to own its first great war anthem. Fitting, I think. And that night at the post revel, there was excited talk of Atlantia mustering at Gulf Wars to sing this song as they marched to the battlefield. How frightening it would be, the spectacle of it would lift the spirits of comrades and be a detriment to morale among the foes. I do not think there were but two in that room who found another touch of irony in that.

Charge a glass Calontir, we have another toast to make this Twelfth night.

To Justus fitz de Ternon, Royal Bard of Atlantia!