Ankara Made First Female Knight in the East Kingdom

At the recent Twelfth Night Celebration, Their Majesties Thorson and Svava of the East Kingdom made Sir Ankara the first female knight in the Kingdom's history.

Speakers during the ceremony included Master El, Duke Gavin, and Duchess Jana. Sir Ankara, well known for her equestrian prowess and for teaching historical fighting techniques, is from the Barony of Carolingia.

Thanks to Lord Liam for the information.

Pictures can be seen at:

I was there

I was there, and being able to see the first female knight made in the East Kingdom was an historical moment not to be missed!

Everyone applauded when the King and Queen introduced her to the chivalry, and there were not a few wet eyes in the audience. Duke Sir Gavin and Master El of the Two Knives both spoke words of joyous welcome to their new peer. I think she about floated down the aisle in recessional.

It is truly a magnificent thing to see a woman made a knight in the East Kingdom, a day I truly never thought I would see.

Lady Lile Dubh inghean ui Mordha
Crown Province of Ostgardr
East Kingom