Stone Dog Inn III: Sea Beggars' Brawl

Geuzen? You haven't heard of De Geuzen? 16th Century? Eighty Year War between the seven provinces of the Netherlands and Spain? Still nothing? OK, then how about privateers plundering in the name of William the Silent? Still nothing? Fine, we'll just call them "Sea-Beggars".

Stone Dog Inn returns to its tavern-brawling roots. Spend a day gambling and brawling with the 16th C. Sea-Beggars (who bring an air of respectability to plundering)! Try your luck at the games tables, at the populace pillow-fight/brawl, or rapier tavern brawls to win coins to bid on items in the Stone Dog Inn auction. If luck is not on your side, or skill, perhaps you can work to earn coins instead. A grand time will be had by all. If not, someone is going overboard!

Site opens at 9 a.m.
Site closes at 10 p.m.

Ida Noyes Hall
(University of Chicago Campus)
1212 E 59th Street, Chicago IL 60637
No live steel allowed onsite.
The site is dry, except the onsite pub.

Activities: Rapier tavern brawls, schtick, gambling (for Gargoyles coin), schtick, The return of the "Populace Pillow-Fight", schtick, auction for plunder, schtick, and dance revel.

Site Fee: 13 and older: $5 ($3 surcharge for non-members), 5-13: $3.00, 4 and under: free
Feast Fee: $10