Banners to Fly at Rowany Festival

John of the Hills, of the Kingdom of Lochac, has announced that the fifth annual Best Looking Banners and Flags Campsite competition will take place at this year's Rowany Festival.

John of the Hills writes:

Unto the Populace of Lochac does John of the Hills send greetings.

The Fifth Annual Best Looking Banners and Flags Campsite competition will be judged at Rowany Festival during the Saturday and Sunday.

The idea behind the competition is to improve the overall medieval effect during festival by having many banners and flags flying throughout the campsites. The winner will be announced sometime during Sunday evening. The prize is a case of alcoholic cider and a new addition of some non alcoholic drink as well. Last years winner was House Accipiter, who had a wonderful series of banners along the path next to their campsite. Previous winners were House Louvain from St Florian, the River Haven Barony and the household called Artisania, also from River Haven. House Accipiter, a Politarkoplian household, broke the stranglehold that the groups up North were having on the competition.

If you don't have a registered device then please see your local herald about how to get one. Otherwise you could make household or SCA group banners. If you need ideas on how to make a good display ask a friendly herald about how to best display a device. See the Compleat Anachronist pamphlet, number 50, called Heraldic Display for ideas. Another option is do some research on medieval displays. I want to see lots of colour and movement from many banners and flags. Bunting is good too. Good Luck.

Please feel free to pass this notice on to any other lists that might need a reminder.