AnTir Knights to Hold Benefit Auction

Sir Daniel of the Kingdom of An Tir, has announced that an auction of items donated by An Tir knights will be held at the upcoming Kingdom 12th Night celebration. Money raised will benefit the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Sir Daniel writes:


In light of recent developments in South East Asia, I'd like to modify the auction slightly. Instead of the American Red Cross, the proceeds will be going to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (http://www.IFRC.ORG) These organizations have been, and will continue, to help out not only in the tsunami disaster victims but also the current victims of wars across the globe.

In this holiday season many of us feel the need to do something to help out those who are going through crushing times. The IFRC works to help everyone across the board. By participating in the 12th Knight Auction this year, either as a donor or by bidding on goods and services offered, you can take some small comfort in the knowledge that you are helping folks who are in desperate need this year.

The current list of donations and there approximate values are:

  • Sir Liam:
    Hand made leather Sword Baldric
    Est Value - $40.00
  • Sir Brand
    10 Hangers-On Hangers (handmade wooden and steel hangars)
    Est Value - $20.00

    A Sonnet (or other period piece) written at the will of the winning bidder.
    Est. Value - $50.00

  • Sir Daniel
    1 Workshop to a War Unit.
    Any An Tiran war unit can have me come do a full weekend of War Fighting Instruction. Alternately, individual fighters who want tourney instruction.
    Est Value - $25.00 + maybe some gas money (if outside Puget Sound area)
  • Sir Walter
    1 set of Leather Vambraces
    Est Value - $50.00
  • Sir Rolf Longbow
    2 Baskethilts
    Est Value $25.00 each
  • Sir mrks
    some armourwork
    Est Value- (to be determined)
  • Sir Aveloc
    Weapon construction and or fighter training
    Est Value (to be determined)

Please remember it's not too late to send me your donations. All donations must be provided by or sponsored by the Chivalry of An Tir.

The auction will be at 12th Night immediately preceding the final court of TRM's Thorin and Dagmaer in the main hall.

As usual, please forward and reprint this update anywhere you think it will help.

In service
Sir Daniel