Tir Righ's Wonderful ban-Fhlaith


I am posting this so that I may share with all of you how wonderful her Highness Bernadette is.

This evening, knowing that Crian and I would be unable to attend the New Year's party due to his coming down with a cold, she dropped by our home on her way to the party. This in and of itself was a delightful surprise and made me appreciate even more this wonderful lady who has been given this Principality to care for. But then she told me how much she appreciated my efforts on her behalf in helping her get a wardrobe befitting her station and she presented me with a beautiful viscounty/laurel circlet made by Angantyr Hjalmsmithr.

I was totally stunned by her generosity! After all, I only did for her what I would do for any friend who needed a new wardrobe--I simply stitched & helped her devise patterns for the gowns and tunics. A small token of appreciation wouldn't have surprised me, but she went way beyond that. She knew that I had lost my two previous circlets, one to a hungry elevator shaft, and one to theft, and she took the time to find a talented jeweler and between them they came up with a design that will be a very comfortable and appropriate accessory for any of my costumes.

I wish to publicly thank her for the kindness she has shown me and to tell everyone in Tir Righ that you are blessed to have such a wonderful lady as your ban-Fhlaith (that's Princess for those of you who speak English). Take good care of her for me!