Æthelmearc peers suffer serious house fire

On the night of Monday, December 27, 2004, the home/apartment building owned by Viscount Master Sir Haakon was ravaged by fire.

Haakon, Mistress Eleanor, Dame Morgan Silverlock and the other tenants are OK, as are most of the pets. Some of El's cats are still hiding as most of their part is still there. It is believed to have started in #3. Numbers 3 & 4 are gutted, and #2 (Silverlock's) had heavy water and smoke and damage to the ceiling. Haakon's and El's have water, smoke and a hole in the roof that the firemen put there. They are still working with the adjusters. Currently they are with Lee (El's mom).

They will be getting their mail from the post office, so their address is still good as is their email, but that will not be checked everyday as they will be using library computers.

I will be posting furthur updates as more information becomes available.


Aine O'Muirghesan
Protégé to Sir Haakon

I spoke with Haakon and Elean

I spoke with Haakon and Eleanor tonight. They are doing OK, considering. It will be a few months until they are rebuilt and resettled.