Atlantia University to Include Juggling Classes

Domenico of the Kingdom of Atlantia has announced that he will be teaching several juggling classes at the February 5, 2005 session of the University of Atlantia in the Barony of Caer Gelynniog.

Domenico writes:

Can you juggle? wish you could? come to my juggling classes at University, conveniently timed in the 4th, 5th, and 6th hours giving you plenty of time to wake up and be ready to learn that mad skill you have always wanted. Men, impress the ladies with your dexterity! Ladies, be one of the few!

The three classes are:

  • 416. Beginning Juggling Learn the basic Cascade pattern that is the foundation of three ball juggling
  • 516. Intermediate Juggling Now that you can cascade, learn what else you can do with three ball! (those still working on the cascade are welcome to keep working on it, but primary emphasis will be on teaching more complex patterns)
  • 616. Club Passing! If you know how, bring your clubs and join the mayhem. if we have a chance, we might teach you how to pass clubs if you are already adept at juggling them, but this is not a class for those trying to learn club juggling! we welcome (polite) spectators, but probably won't teach much.

Adults, are you tired of all the juggling classes you have ever seen becoming dumping grounds for excess children at events? that won't happen here! all classes are AGE 16 AND UP! some well behaved and well motivated 14 and 15 year olds may be present WITH INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION ONLY!

Don't have any (juggling) balls? let me know beforehand, and i will bring beanbags for sale, probably at the $5 level. i will know more closer to the event.