Prince Alaric and Princess Noelle of the Midrealm United in Marriage

Their Royal Highnesses Prince Alaric and Princess Noelle of the Midrealm were joined in marriage mundanely on Saturday, December 18. Katerin ferch Gwenllian has provided this report of the festive occasion.

The wedding was held at Amasa Stone Chapel on the Campus of Case Western Reserve University, where both the bride and groom are graduate students. The reception was held at the Cleveland Wyndham Hotel.

Dress was modern — the bride's gown had a boned bodice with pearl-bead embroidery and cutwork lace train, and a sheer veil was attached to her small tiara, and the bridesmaids wore red dresses with small amounts of beading on the bodice — but references were made to the chivalric virtues in the course of the non-denominational service. During his toast the bride's father remarked that one guest had traveled from Luxembourg to attend, "which seems quite impressive until you realize that many people came all the way from the 12th Century to be here."

The groomsmen included Syr Theodric von Rostock, to whom the groom was squired before his knighting, and Lord Stephan von L├╝beck, who is squired to His Highness. Ushers were Lord Crispin dela Rochefoucauld and Lord Matheus MacEoin, His Highness' other squires. In attendance were many members of the Barony of Cleftlands, including Duke Laurelen Darksbane and Duchess Ithriliel of Silverlake, and Baron Ephraim ben Shlomo and Baroness Madelaine Bouvier. SCA guests from afar included Duke Eliahu ben Itzhak and Maestra Arianna Llwyd, Duke Ragnvaldr Jonsson and Duchess Arabella Silvermane, and Shugo-daimyo Kamiizumi Munenori and Baronesa Iasmin de Cordoba, as well as His Highness' man-at-arms, Lord Donasian de Suscinio, who traveled from An Tir to be present.

Their Highnesses honeymooned in St. Thomas and spent the holidays with family before returning to the Cleftlands.