Oerthan 20 Year Celebration, Winter Coronet and Investiture

20 years have come and gone, and the Principality of Oertha invites you to celebrate her past, present and future at Winter Coronet Tourney and Investiture! Join Fergus and Margarita in witnessing the selection and coronation of their heirs, feast and enjoy classes and Oerthan hospitality.

The site is Willow Community Center, complete with a bunkhouse, showers, enormous hall and plenty of parking. Site opens Friday evening, January 14, 2005 at 5pm, and closes at 5pm Monday, January 17, 2005, with a mini-collegium on Sunday afternoon and Monday.

Site fee is $20 adults/$10 smalls (5-12)/$55 family, in advance, forms available by emailing oertha20(at)yahoo.com, reservations received deadline 1/1/05, fees increase by $5 after the deadline.. Bunkhouse space is available for $5/person/night (children free with their parents/guardians).


  • Princess' Whim: Roses in Non-Edible Mode
  • Prince's Whim: Wolves in Non-Edible Mode
  • Autocrat's Whim: Bardic Arts (song/poem) In Praise of Oertha (performed at Feast)
  • Laurel-sponsored: Pennons with the Oerthan Wolf
  • SCA-legal Embellished Armor
  • Brewer's Guild: Open Brewing, both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic categories

Accomodation Information:
Willow Area Community Center On site, there is a camphouse that has room for about twenty-five SCAdians. Please note that right now, space is limited, and space is given on a first come, first serve basis. Space is $5 per adult per night, children under 12 are free as long as they are accompanied by parent or guardian.

Houston Lodge
PO Box 940047
Houston, AK 99694
(907) 892 6808
FAX 892 7401

Please call or email for availability and quotes. Rooms run $50.00 per night. There are four rooms available. Two have privet baths, and the other two share a bath.

Houston Road House
Ron and Dottie Hill
7am - 10pm AST
Restaurant # 892 7757

Four rooms run $25.00 per room per night for small, humble accomodations to $40.00 per night for the larger room.

Also please note that there are several Beds and Breakfasts in the neighborhood, ranging from $85.00 and up as well other places that rent rooms. This missive is neither endorsment or advertising for the listed establishments, only an attempt to give visitors options.

Autocrat info:
Fergus MacThomais (George Thompson)
E-mail: baronfergus@yahoo.com (event: oertha20@yahoo.com)

Site: Willow Area Community Center, Milepost 69, Parks Hwy (907) 495-6633

Note: Fergus is the official autocrat, though Thomas Sorngrym will be standing in as Fergus has other duties which may keep him busy. Contact info for Thomas: thomassorngrym(at)yahoo.com