An Tir Travel List Created

Baroness Khalja, An Tir Campmaster for Estrella 2005, reports that a discussion list for out-of-kingdom travel has been created.

Her Excellency writes:

There is a discussion list for An Tirans designed to facilitate travel to out of kingdom events. As we turn our thoughts to Estrella War this coming February, you may find it a useful way of communicating with your fellow travelers.

On this list you may:

  • Offer and find rideshares
  • Find someone to caravan with.
  • Offer and find shared kitchens
  • Offer and find haul space for gear
  • Coordinate airport pickups and drop offs
  • Reserve for tent space within the kingdom space allocation
  • Find out who else is going to the War

If this will be your first experience with out of kingdom travel, you will find the list especially helpful for receiving advise on making travel arrangements, what to bring, the best driving route and what to expect when you get there.

Baroness Khalja
An Tir Campmaster for Estrella 2005