"Gullgubber" Discovered in Norway

Eleven small, golden reliefs, called Gullgubber or golden old men, have been discoverd in eastern Norway. The objects date to the 7th century CE.

The unique objects depict human characters and measure about 1.1 centimeters.

I think "gullgubber" is simply a misspelling

I think "gullgubber" is simply a misspelling. Searching for "guldgubber" may aid those who are interested in finding out more about these and similar artifacts. As a start:

The site for the Bornholms Museum has minimal info on 2300, dated to the late 6th century C.E., that were found at the Guldageren site in '86 and '87.

Eva Koch's article "The Woman with the Drink" gives some information on guldgubber in general and the "hospitable woman" figure found on many of them in particular. More investigation of the possible significance of this figure is undertaken in Rudolf Simek's "Rich and Powerful: The Image of the Female Deity in Migration Age Scandinavia".

There are hundreds of variations of double gubbar

There are hundreds of variations of double gubbar,found in the 3 Scandanavian countries, sothere are names for them in 3 languages and more from dialects. They are sometimes called Gullgubbene. Some call them The Holy Couples. We know they represent a man and a woman because of how other Art represented the genders then. The woman always has a knotted ponytail. The Holy Couples are important because they show symbols of equality because they genders are shown of equal size even though men were usually taller. The genders are shown respectfully affectionate twoards each other, not in their sexual relationship, but their mental relationship. they are in a large variety of styles, from caracatures to abstractions , all convey the message that men and women were equal and affectionate to one another then--or that was the ideal--that the respectful relationship between the genders was the most improtant subject of the Art, their highest ideal.

As Art they need to be seen in relation to other pre-historic tribal Art from around the world, and as the only known Ancient ARt that has the overarching message of gender equality. It is eighty generations since the Holy couple were made and we think we have evolved yet there is no artform now which like The Holy couples directly describes matching relationships between the two halves of our lifeform.

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Excellent comment!

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