Bright Hills Baronial Birthday

Come and join us, to either vend your wares, or celebrate as the Barony of Bright Hills begins its second decade Saturday, February 12, 2005.

As always, there are no additional costs to merchant at Bright Hills. If you wish to reserve a spot, please contact our Merchant Coordinator, Lady Reyne Telarius at

We will have numerous A&S activities; displays are being planned (bring out your stuff!). Archery, rapier and heavy weapons lists are planned, weather permitting. We will even be offering some classes. Definitely something for everyone!

Feast Information: The Cooks' Guild will present a sumptuous winter feast of 3 courses. It is fashioned after the feast that was planned for the original investiture event. The feast is planned for 125. Get your reservations in early! See here for more details:


Roana de Laci