New Features Added to Web Site

"You've got talkbacks!" A new release of the software that runs has just been installed, and among other things you can now submit comments on any of our newswire stories. We've added a number of new features to the site to make it easier to use and, hopefully, more interesting as well.

Here's a summary of the important changes:

  • Stories on the newswire now support talkback (comment) messages contributed by our readers. These are moderated forums, meaning that any messages you submit must be approved by our staff before they will appear on the web site. This is to protect us from possible libel, slander, copyright violation, or profanity problems, and it is to protect you by keeping the talkbacks on-topic and free from egregious spam. We're not trying to censor your opinions, only to ensure that discussions are appropriate to the mission of this web site. Our Terms of Service page ( has more details on our editorial policy.
  • Our home page has a "Quick Search" feature that lets you find stories containing a word or phrase. Right now, this feature is fairly primitive and matches on exact text only, but we're working on adding a full-blown search engine to the site very soon.
  • Registered users can check on the moderation status of their most recent talkbacks. Just select the "Profile" link (next to the login/logout form on the main Headlines page) and scroll to the bottom of the page. Your last few talkbacks will be displayed (subjects and dates only) with a note on any action taken by our moderators.
  • Registered users can now automatically login with a cookie. A cookie is simply a small amount of data created on our server but stored in your browser. If you have created a personal account on, you can now go to your profile page ( and enable automated login from the browser you use most often. Curious about what cookies are and how they work? Take a look at our Cookies info page ( for details.
  • Registered users can choose their local timezone in the Profile page. This will change the timezone for most things on where the page displays dates and times.
  • We've fixed a few annoying glitches in the way stories displayed, and have added new HTML tags allowed in your story and talkback contributions.

Please note that, since has an all-volunteer staff, it may be a while before your talkbacks are reviewed by our moderators. We'll try to be prompt about this, but we have lives and jobs that have to come first. We hope you'll be understanding about this need to maintain proper priority in our lives. (This is especially true during the holiday season.) is actively seeking volunteers to become forum moderators. There is no minimum time commitment, but we would ask that you plan to be an active member of the team. Volunteers need reliable Internet access and a browser that supports cookies. If you are interested, please start by creating your own login account, if you haven't already done so, and then send an e-mail to indicating your interest and qualifications.

If you find a glitch in the new features, or if we've broken something that used to work for you, please send an e-mail to explaining the problem. Tell us the URL that isn't working, the type of browser and operating system on your computer, and what you were attempting to do when the problem occurred. If there was an error message, please cut and paste that (in its entirety) into your e-mail message -- it really helps us a lot!

Thanks to all our loyal readers! Our statistics indicate that more people are hearing about, and we appreciate the word-of-mouth publicity we have received as well as the links to our newswire from other sites. We hope you will enjoy the story talkbacks and other new features. Watch for another software release, with more new features, soon after the new year!

Iustinos Tekton called Justin
Publisher and Webmaster