Teaching Men to Shimmy

"Put your feet shoulder-width apart, stick your chin up, and bring your arms out sideways — it makes you look big, strong, and proud so you are ready for action."

So said Rob Galbraith, known in the Society as Baron Auguste Valizan, OP, when Hicham Safieddine of the Toronto Star came out for his first attempt at men's bellydance. Valizan (as most in Ealdormere and elsewhere know him as) has begun offering men's Middle Eastern dance classes in Toronto through a local dance academy.

Is it possible to cut and paste...

Is it possible to cut and paste the article so as to not need to create yet another login? The Toronto newspaper requires you to create an account, and I'd really rather not...

Unfortunately, no.

Unfortunately, no. The content of the Toronto newspaper is copyrighted material, so the best we can do is to link to it from our site. The Fair Use Doctrine allows us to excerpt a very brief, properly-attributed quotation from an article we link, but not to copy substantial portions of its content. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Justin