Knights' Oaths Needed for Research Project

Signora Sofia Matriani della Tempesta, a doctoral student at Oregon State University, is researching knights' oaths and seeks help from SCA sources.

Signora Sofia writes:

Greetings unto my most noble cousins,

In the modern world, I attend Oregon State University and am doing my doctoral work on knight's ritual and regalia in the SCA. I am interested in getting copies of knight's oath's and rituals as far back as possible. My specific focus is how traditions are created and how they change over time. Of course, being able to combine studying Tolkien and the SCA is bonus. :D I would be happy to share my research with you once my work is done.

In order to do this, I will need copies of knight's oaths and rituals back to the beginning. I have found the West's site (thank you!) and it's very helpful information. To compile this information, I require help and assistance. This is where you come in. The SCA is absolutely lovely about helping out. :D If you would be so kind as to email any knight's oaths, rituals to this email
I would be ever so grateful. Or they can be snail mailed to:
Althea Turner
Department of Design and Human Environment
Milam 224
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97333

Please note when, where and who the ritual/ oath was for and if I may contact the knight for more information.

Would it be possible to forward this missive to the Chiv lists and other pertinent lists? I am very interested in other kingdoms also. It is important that I get a cross-cultural look at the topic. I will be going to Estrella to start collecting information and to make contacts. If you know of someone going to Estrella that you think I should meet and talk to, please let me know.

Thank you in advance for any aid and assistance you can render in this most noble cause!

I remain your humble servant,

Signora Sofia Matriani della Tempesta, AoA, GdS

Shire of Couer du Val, Summits, An Tir
Student of the Dread Nadezhda Volynskiia, OP
Mother of Lucius Coeur du Feu and Lydia il Blonde
Sewer of sundries
Baker of tasties