"Clan Tynker" performer paralyzed, friends seek assistance and well-wishes

A rare medical condition has suddenly left Sam Tynker, a performer in the SCAdian band Clan Tynker, paralyzed from the waist down. Friends and family are seeking donations to help defray mounting medical expenses.

A notice published by Clan Tynker a few days ago informed the Outlands populace of the misfortune:

...The day before Thanksgiving, Sam became completely paralyzed below the waist. He was rushed to ICU, and with a series of tests it was discovered that he had an arterial-vascular fistula, a rare [congenital] condition...which creates an abnormal blood flow in his spinal cord. The effect of this malformation of the arteries usually becomes apparent after the second decade of one’s life.

On November 30th he had open back surgery; the neurosurgeon was hopeful that it was a success. Sam is currently in inpatient rehab and slowly learning to use his legs again. It is still not certain that he will be able to walk again, but he is showing signs of improvement.

He has asked that well-wishers, please not send flowers or gifts as he has a very small room. If anyone is inspired to do something to help him, any donation towards his hospital bill would be greatly appreciated. Mistress Eleanor has kindly offered to co-ordinate both cash donations and donations for a Silent Auction to be held at al-Barran Midwinter. Many thanks to those who have already donated, and for all your thoughts and prayers.

THL Jinan al-Hadaya, of the Kingdom of Outlands, adds, "You may have seen Sam Tynker perform with his family at events like Estrella War or Pennsic, or maybe you have even gotten the chance to meet Sam on the field of battle. Either way, you know he is a man of great talent and greater spirit."

She says an effort is underway to collect funds to help with the expense of the operation and ongoing care. "It is unfortunate that such sad things happen around the holidays. If you find you have any coins in your pocket left after holiday shopping, please consider sending them to the Tynkers, as any amount will help offset the hospital bills."

Silent benefit auctions are planned at al-Barran Midwinter in December and at Caerthe Twelfth Night in January.

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