Statistical Breakdown of SCA Groups in the Known World

Jehan l'Utile de Bretagne, Seneschal, Shire of Drachentor in the Kingdom of Atlantia, recently tabulated an unofficial breakdown of SCA groups in the Known World.

Jehan l'Utile de Bretagne writes:

Sitting in a motel in Wilmington, NC, and with nothing better to do, and answering a curiousity that I had. I came up with this after surfing a couple of hundred websites.

In the SCA there are 18 Kingdoms. In those Kingdoms there are:

  • 7 Principalities.
  • 142 Baronies.
  • 358 Shires.
  • 41 Incipient Shires.
  • 1 Applicant Shire.
  • 129 Cantons.
  • 27 Incipient Cantons.
  • 1 Applicant Canton.
  • 11 Strongholds.
  • 3 Incipient Strongholds.
  • 45 Colleges.
  • 5 Incipient Colleges.
  • 6 Outposts.
  • 6 Provinces.
  • 2 Baronial Colleges.
  • 2 Palatine Baronies.
  • 1 Bailiwick.
  • 1 Crown Province.
  • 1 Dominion.
  • 1 Freehold.
  • 1 March.
  • 1 Pagus.
  • 1 Port.
  • 1 Riding.
  • 1 Universite.
  • 1 Village.
  • 1 Unknown. (can't figure out what category it goes to)
815 Total Groups Worldwide.

I can break this down by Kingdoms. Percentages. Or any other way you might wish. Oh God, I am bored!!! Oh well, maybe someone will find this useful......

I'll leave the number of Guilds, Households, etc... to someone else. Gotta be somebody else bored ouy there.

Jehan l'Utile de Bretagne,
Seneschal, Shire of Drachentor

The last I checked, there were

The last I checked, there were about 45,000 members worldwide. I wonder how that breaks down into percentages of population per kingdom, etc. Somebody with more time on their hands? and a knowledge of math that I do not possess! Interested, Lady Lile Dubh inghean ui Mordha Crown Province of Ostgardr (the ONLY Crown Province) Kingdom of the East

Actually I would like a break

Actually I would like a breakdown by kingdom and if at all possible perhaps an explanation of what all the different group designations mean. ie what is the difference between a riding and a shire and so forth.

I would too! Nice to know

I would too! Nice to know the difference. Second note. You've got WAY too much time on your hands.