Performers Entertain at Kris Kinder

One of the highlights of Calontir's Kris Kinder event is a choral concert organized by THL Brice Le Raton.

THL Brice writes:

Unto the glorious singers and appreciative audience members of Calontir, warm and delighted greetings from H.L. Brice Le Raton,

For those of you who were able to attend this years Kris Kinder Concert, you received a wonderful early yuletide gift. This years performance was far and away the best I have had the privilege to be involved with in the well over a decade that I have been organizing them. The caliber of musicians that I have the joy of working with seems to get better every year, and this year raised the bar far higher than I could have ever hoped. For those of you who missed this years performance, I can only urge you to make a point of attending next year, when I expect it will be even better.

To the singers who participated this year, there is nothing I could possibly say to express my delight when I gave the downbeat and heard a truly angelic chorus issue forth. It was a truly astounding sound, and you were all a delight to work with. I cannot even describe the pleasure it is to direct such an amazing chorus- My Yuletide gift came early this year! I can only imagine what we could do if we had more time to rehearse. I will work harder to be worthy of directing such talented singers in the future. Particularly outstanding were the Dixit Maria and Puer Natus. I am working on a method to transfer the VHS tape to an electronic format that I can post it to the web for you all to see & hear.

I will be starting to organize the first annual performance of the Known World Chorus at this years Lilies war in January. It is my hope that all of you who sang at Kris Kinder and many others as well will come and sing with me again, raising voices to the glory that is Calontir. (I know that there are many who would have liked to sing who were held by other obligations/meetings at Kris Kinder) I will be publishing information online and in the Mews-if you are interested in singing in the KWC or helping organize it, please email me at and make the subject line "KWC".

I wish to all a Grand and Glorious holiday season and a Healthy and Happy New Year!

Brice Le Raton