New email list helps SCAdians "recycle" unwanted items

Do you have something you don't want or need any more, and would like to give free to another medievalist as an alternative to throwing it away? This new YahooGroups list can help.

Lady Hulde, creator of the new "SCAcanrecyclefree" list, says it is not intended as a for-sale or wanted-to-buy bulletin board. Instead, the list is for people who have something they are willing to give away, or to barter.

"The list is for people in the SCA to find new homes for old SCA items, or to find a SCA item free," she writes. "All items posted must be free. Members may also post items for trade but no money may be exchanged for trade! Membership is free."

Lady Hulde says that she hopes the list will be especially helpful to newcomers finding their first SCA gear on a budget, and that this may in turn help local groups to get better attendance at their events.

Hulde says she has no commercial intentions for the list: "What am I getting out of it? Nothing — I just think it will be fun."

The "original article" link from this page will take you to the information/signup page for the YahooGroups list.