Wenches Online

The International Wenches Guild is an organization of over 2000 women (and a few men) throughout North America that grew out of the Ren Faire culture. In 1995, the International Wenches Guild was formed at the New York Renaissance Faire. Since then it has grown into an international organization identified by a pewter pin with the Guild logo and a stack of "free kiss" cards.

Performance is the heart of the Guild, overseen by Mistress Draana and promoting the singing of bawdy tunes. She and four other wenches perform as a group at various Ren Faires throughout the country.

Men need not feel left out of the Wenches Guild. They may join, or choose to join the brother organization, the International Brotherhood of Rogues, Scoundrels and Cads. For more information, visit their website at www.lundegaard.com or the wenches at their site.