Knowne World Youth Newsletter Available Online

Lady Gwenlian from the Kingdom of Caid is now publishing Libellus, the Known World Youth Newsletter, filled with advice and information on youth activities in the different kingdoms.

The newsletter is published quarterly and is available free online.

November's issue includes:

  • This Month In History
  • A color by number based on a stained glass window
  • Directions for making Pomanders for X-mas
  • History of the Yule Log
  • Medieval Fact or Fiction--Was burping at the table accepted in the Middle Ages (a brief period in the mid 1500s, apparently)
  • Manners (a monthly excerpt from the Babee's Book)
  • A Medieval History Quiz
  • A recipe for custard (each month's recipe is an original, a translation and the redacted modern recipe)
  • Game rules including Bee in the Middle, Blind Man's Bluff, Hunt the Slipper and Oranges and Lemons
  • How to create wire wrap jewelry
  • Service opportunities for 12th Nite Celebrations
  • Aluminum armor for boffer combat (legal in Caid and more authentic looking than hockey helmets)
  • The real Count Dracula
  • MoY Corner
  • Southron Gaard (Christchurch New Zealand) Page's School
  • 12 Days of Christmas MadLib
  • The music and words to Laudus Virginem
Visit the website to get the latest issue or to find out how to contribute.

Thanks to Sabina of Northshield for the heads up.