Darksword Armory Theft Takes Toll on Artisans

The theft of $50,000 worth of swords from the Darksword Armory warehouse has made for a bleak holiday season for the artisans and their customers alike. During the weekend of December 7, 2002, the warehouse of Darksword Armory was broken into and $50,000 of inventory stolen. This included 300-500 swords destined for Christmas delivery and e-Bay auctions. While all those with standing orders have been notified, the holiday season is looking bleak for the employees who have taken paycuts.

The armorers of Darksword Armory and Timeless Replicas Inc.are asking their friends and customers for help. Images of the stolen items have been posted on the company's e-Bay site. If any of these items is spotted for auction on e-Bay, especially e-Bay Canada (Montreal and Quebec), please contact Darksword Armory. A reward is offered for retrieval of their goods.

In the meantime, a few remaining swords are legitimately up for auction on e-Bay. Please bid on them and make this holiday season a little happier for these SCA armorers.

(Editor's note: The URL above is for the Darksword Armory web site, after skipping an intro that is incompatible with some browsers. The eBay URL mentioned above did not exist as of Thursday evening.)