Atenveldt Laurels' Prize Tourney Showcases A&S Prowess

Atenveldt's recent A&S tourney, held in conjunction with a War Collegium, was highly successful and attracted many participants. The Laurels Prize Tourney held at the War Collegium on December 7 was a great success. Those entering were just a microcosm of our SCA talent! All who viewed the works were extremely impressed. If you missed it, you missed an excellent exhibition!

Isabella Rufhammer from Sundragon showed inkle pickup and weave, tablet woven cross-over sash, and other articles. Those viewing were particularly impressed with the cross-over sash.

Brian Broadaxe from Atenveldt showed an extensive display of hand-tooled leather, as well as showing his embroidery skills. His work was truly impressive. (and he cooks and sews, too!!)

Morgan the Celt from Ered Sul showed her hand-blown glass beads, jewelry, metal working, several inkle weavings and other works. Another truly impressive display.

Dascha, Baroness of Atenveldt, showed her inkle loom (which she made), and a variety of pieces woven on it. She also had cordials, jewelry, garb, and other pieces. She wanted us to know that she is well-rounded in the arts department.

Isabelle d'Avallon from Atenveldt brought her hand-painted silk banner. A beautiful piece of work.

Cecily de la Warde from Sundragon brought knitting, blackwork, embroidery, and other pieces as well. I guess we can say that everything we saw was impressive.

Sir Ismenia from Atenveldt brought an achievement banner which she painted with fabric paint. It was very large and very well done.

Tighearnain Blackwater from Atenveldt showed a helm and other armor pieces. Beautiful work and had many comments.

Katherine Bradon of Carlisle, from Atenveldt, brought a piece of beaded insanity. It was truly, truly beautiful.

Dionysus Nottingham from Granholme brought a leather bottle with a Viking cord. Very well done.

Dominic MacMorgan of House Staghold showed a leather jerkin with cutwork. (I wanted to whisk it away while he wasn't looking). He also brought boots and the wooden boot lasts, as well as other leather pieces.

We would like to thank Staghold and Lord Seelos for not only providing the pavilion, but for putting it up and having it ready when we got there! Thanks go to Mistress Meadbh for providing tables (and also having them set up and ready).

We would especially like to thank the Laurels and the populace for attending and viewing these magnificent works of arts. Their Majesties took time from their busy day to view the works as well. They were very impressed with our artisans.

So, who is sponsoring the next one?

Lady Wynne Ni' Robert MacEire and Dame Fiona Gwyllt Wynne (

Republished by kind permission of the author