Countess Alys Katharine appointed as new Society Chatelaine

The Society Seneschal, Master Aaron faheud Swiftrunner of the Stone Keep announced this evening that the Board of Directors has appointed Countess Alys Katharine of the Middle Kingdom to the position of Society Chatelaine for the standard three year term, commencing 2004-12-01.

The appointment of Her Excellency was formally approved during the Board's Quarterly Conference Call. Her Excellency will report to the Society Seneschal in this assignment.

Countess Alys hails from the Barony of the Cleftlands in the Middle Kingdom and brings an extensive record of distinguished achievement to the position. She served as Midrealm Queen during the summer of 2002 alongside King Valharic, and is a Companion of the Laurel for her skill in cooking and other arts and sciences as well as a Companion of the Pelican for her service. She had also previously served as the Kingdom Chatelaine of the Middle Kingdom.



Alys Katharine was a wonderful Kingdom Chatelaine, who was of great help in getting our local group, the Marche of Alderford, started back in the summer and fall of 1994. Had she not gone out of her way to meet with my lady and myself, and our Baronial Seneschal, at Pennsic that year, the shire might never have happened. She'll do a tremendous job as Society Chatelaine.