Pennsic Media Liaison seeks volunteer deputies

Baron Corun MacAnndra, the Media Liaison Representative for Pennsic XXXIV, seeks several deputies who have modern-world experience working with (or as) members of the press.

In a letter posted to several kingdom email lists, and reprinted here by permission, Baron Coron writes:

Greetings All and Sundry,

I am Baron Corun MacAnndra, the Media Liaison Representative for Pennsic XXXIV.

First, my apologies for cross posting to four Kingdom lists, but I wanted to recruit from the widest area of those who might be involved in Pennsic. If you reply to this missive please reply only to me and not to the lists.

I am in need of three or four deputies and one Drop Dead Deputy to assist in handling the various members of the press who will invariably descend upon our event in August. If you have had experience as a media liaison or as a member of the press and are interested in helping to show the best side of the SCA I would ask you to contact me. Please send me your CV and a short note telling me why you would be good for the job.

My thanks in advance to you all. I look forward to hearing from you. Until then I remain,

Baron Corun MacAnndra, OP
Media Liaison for Pennsic XXXIV
Email: coron AT medievalist DOT org

Editor's Note: Corun's email address is obfuscated above by his request, to thwart spam harvesters. To contact him, you will need to modify the address to regular format. Also, note that posting a comment to this story will not necessarily reach Corun; if you are interested in serving as his deputy, you should email him directly.