Medieval Clothing & Textiles Journal to Include Research by SCA Members

Medieval costume expert Robin Netherton has announced a new academic journal, Medieval Clothing & Textiles, which will include articles by SCA members.

Co-editor Robin Netherton writes:

Volume 1 of Medieval Clothing & Textiles, a new academic journal, is now available for pre-order from publisher Boydell & Brewer. The first volume of the annual journal is scheduled for publication in April 2005.

Papers in the journal represent current scholarly research in all areas of medieval dress and textile study, representing a wide range of disciplines, including literature, art, economics, and archaeology. "We don't expect the journal to appeal to all medieval costumers, and not everyone will find their own interest areas covered in every volume," says costume historian Robin Netherton, who edits the journal in partnership with Dr. Gale Owen-Crocker, author of Dress in Anglo-Saxon England. "But we're aiming for a large spread in time/place representation in each one, so with luck there will be something for most readers who are interested in scholarly research. We're also aiming to include at least one paper based on experimental reconstruction in each volume."

The first volume includes the following papers:

  • an overview (complete, we hope) of all known examples of European embroidery before 1100 (Elizabeth Coatsworth)
  • a literary analysis of textile imagery in Anglo-Saxon riddles and poetry (Maren Clegg-Hyer)
  • a study of an illumination showing royal dress in an Anglo-Saxon manuscript (Gale R. Owen-Crocker)
  • a look at clothing color references in Icelandic sagas (Sandra Ballif Straubhaar)
  • an account of a particular technological change in the construction of medieval fulling mills (John Muendel)
  • two different papers on regulations on clerical dress, 13th-14th c. (one by Susan M. Carroll-Clark and another by Thomas M. Izbicki)
  • a comparison of theories about tippet construction and attachment in 14th century Western Europe (Robin Netherton)
  • a summary of dress and textile references in a group of late medieval English wills (Kristen M. Burkholder)
  • a theory and experimental reconstruction of a method of weaving 15th century ruffled-edge veils (Carla Tilghman).

Ordering information and details on the first volume are available online. People with questions about the journal may contact Robin Netherton at