Midrealm to Create Bards List

Cerian Cantwr has announced that a bardic email list has been formed for the Middle Kingdom.

Cerian Cantwr writes:


Did you know that most kingdoms have their own bardic email list? Northshield has one. Ealdormere has one. AEthelmarc and the Outlands have one. The Mid-Realm does not - until now.

I am pleased to announce the creation of MidBards, the Middle Kingdom's very own bardic elist, the start of what will hopefully become an ever growing community of people who are interested in the bardic arts. The list is meant to serve as a way to share knowledge, seek assistance, and spread material. It will also act as an electronic means of meeting and getting to know your fellow bards. We'll also be able to let each other know about bardic happenings throughout the Mid-Realm and beyond.

If you have bardic resources you'd like to share, be they links, song sheets, midi files, or research papers on 16th century tavern songs; go ahead and post them. If you're looking for assistance with how to write that sonnet, triolet, or 10th century Persian qasida, come here and ask. If you want to tell people about the bardic circle at your upcoming event, post away. Want to post your pictures from Bardic Madness or find out where next year's will be? This is the place. The possibilities are what we make them, so start dreaming.

Where can I find this bardic haven you ask? (Click above.) If you have any difficulties getting subscribed, let me know and I can email you a direct invite. So go ahead, pull your chair up to the fire and join the conversation.

Cerian Cantwr

PS: Feel free to pass this message on to those you think would be interested.