Royals Grace Pavlovsk Gavan Event

Her Highness Princess Margarita of the West Kingdom paid a visit recently to the Incipient Shire of Pavlovsk Gavan (Kodiak, Alaska). The visit was documented by Lady Tama.

Lady Tama writes:

Skies were somewhat grey, but moods were bright, as we joined together to celebrate the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Pavlovsk Gavan. Members of our group were pleased to welcome Her Highness, Princess Margarita for her first visit to our fair isle and Their Excellencies, Baron Bjarni and Baroness Annora for their continuing support of our group. Including our off-island visitors, the day yielded 16 SCA members and 14 guests on-site. There were 5 children under age 5, 2 elementary age children, 4 teenagers and 19 adults. While a few of our guests only stayed for a brief while before being called to mundane life, most stayed at least several hours.

Over the course of the day we enjoyed a potluck sideboard of many soups and stews, roast turkey, finger foods, breads, warm tea and chilled juices. My particular favorite was the Ginger Beer from a local brewer! But it was all good - immense amounts of food came into the building and little was left by the end of the day.

Set up about the room were tables for various activities. Ariana and Caitlin led the children in snowflake cutting, thong and bead necklace building and active games, such as hide-and-go seek. Princess Margarita led discussion on a number of topics from the classes taught at the Principality Collegium to the organizational structure of the SCA. Lady Merona showed some basic beading techniques early in the day. Another table contained informational flyers about the SCA and pictures from our August Newcomer's Event. Also available were tabletop trebuchet kits for teams to build throughout the course of the day.

Mid-afternoon the weather cleared and everyone adjourned outdoors for demonstrations of three medium-small trebuchets. The trebuchets had throwing arms that were approximately four feet in length. They were set up at the top of a cliff in the parking lot of the Buskin Beach House and missiles were flung towards the nearby beach. Our goal was to clear the small pond - which we nicknamed the moat - between us and the beach. Flinging was fun and was witnessed by all. The children did a lovely job of collecting missiles for us and we finally cleared "the moat" after several attempts.

Flinging was followed by Her Highness' Court, heralded by Lady Tama. Many thanks to Baron Bjarni for narrating the Court so that the many new members and guests would understand the proceedings. It was an entertaining and educational experience for us all!

Court consisted of:

  • Princess Margarita's remarks upon the loveliness of our island and her gratitude for our welcome.
  • Baroness Annora releasing Rowena from her duties to Her Excellency.
  • Ariana and Rowena presenting gift baskets from the populace to Baroness Annora and Princess Margarita respectively.
  • A personal gift to Her Highness of a necklace in Princess Margarita's colors from Lady Merona.
  • Baron Bjarni returning the baldric from Cassius.
  • Autocrat's announcements from Lady Tama and Thomas Ewan.
  • A personal thank you from Lady Tama to Thomas Ewan for organizing so much of the day's activities on such short notice.
  • Presentation of an Award of Arms to Thomas Ewan from Her Highness. (HUZZAH!!)
  • Distribution of largesse consisting of both chocolate and minted coins at the end of Court from Princess Margarita.

After Court, the turkey came out of the oven, members relaxed a bit and ate dinner while viewing videotapes depicting several Oerthan members when they were elevated to the Peerages. Clean-up was followed by a low-key bardic at the house of Lord Thomas and Lady Marghead.