Canterbury Faire 2005

Canterbury Faire is here again and will be bigger and better than ever. more fighting, arts, sciences, archery, rapier and revelry than ever before!

Venue: Waipara Riverside Park, 137 Darnley Road, Amberley
Dates: 11-16 February 2005 (Note this is not Waitangi Day weekend this year)
Steward: THL Richard d'Allier (Richard Goodwin)
Cost: Adult (booking before 31 Dec 2005) $41 (prices increase after that date), Child $20.50, Adult for a Single Day $5, Adult for a single night $10, Children half price. Lochac Kingdom Surchage of $1 applies for all persons over 18 yrs old, SCA NZ Inc Day membership of $2 required if not a member of SCA NZ Inc, or an affiliated organisation such as SCAA or SCA Inc (US).

Optional extras: (Bookings close for these on 29 January 2005) Feast $15 (children under 12 $7.50), Souvenir bag $10, Hire Tents $10 each, Wine Trail $25 (plus food and wine, limited to 20 persons 18yrs and over). See the website for more details.


Canterbury Faire 2005 is here again and will be bigger and better than ever. more fighting, arts, sciences, archery, rapier and revelry than ever before!

The event will be 5 whole days and nights of fun, incorporating the usual marvellous feast, a fantastic harvest ball, tournaments, rapier combat, archery, A&S classes and the return of the horse-drawn wine trail.

We are always seeking volunteers for all sorts of things, including gate duty, porridge making, field heraldry, marshalling, A&S classes... everything! Volunteers will be entitled to enter the volunteer raffle (Prizes include vast quantities of braid, buttons and other accessories, kindly provided by THL Justina Marie de Bergerac of Starkhafn). Donations of prizes for the volunteer raffle will be gratefully accepted.

ARTS AND SCIENCES: Our A&S co-ordinator is now scheduling classes. Anyone wishing to teach a class should contact Baroness Eleanora (

MERCHANTS WELCOME: Along with pre-registration, we will be offering the opportunity to advertise your wares. For a nominal fee to cover expenses, you can have a 1/4 page advertisement included with the Canterbury Faire booklet. If you intend to sell goods at the market, this will give you the opportunity to woo prospective customers well before the event itself. Contact the merchanting co-ordinator, THL Ethelind for more information (

COME YE BARDS! The bardic auction was such a success last year, we're doing it AGAIN! Donations for prizes are now being sought. Encourage new bards to do battle with old hands by donating fine wares to inspire their efforts.

TRAVEL MADE EASY: With so many people from out of town coming each year, we plan to make everything as easy as possible. Shuttle buses can be organised to pick people up from anywhere in Christchurch, and from the airport if you're flying in. Just let us know your flight details. if you are planning on booking, but want to co-ordinate with others, just let us know and we'll put you in touch with others who may be making the same trip. Hospitality before and after the event can also be arranged.

For all enquiries, please contact the event steward, Richard by email to

As many of you will by now be aware, there is no official meal plan being organised for Canterbury Faire 2005.

We are aware that there has been some discussion among individuals about this so we'd like to take a moment to discuss how not having an official meal plan will impact on people who are intending to attend Canterbury Faire in 2005.

Local Christchurch Populace.
The vast majority of the local populace are already self-catering at Canterbury Faire, with only a small number of locals for whom this has so far not been a possibility. We would like to begin by encouraging groups and individuals who are already self-catering to consider inviting one or two extra people to join them for the duration of the event. As well as ensuring that everyone is fed, it is a good way to get to know people and introduce people to some of the positive aspects of SCA camping that they may not have had a chance to experience so far. We would also like to encourage locals who have previously relied on the meal plan to work together among themselves to arrange private meal plans. There are 3 kitchens and full refrigeration facilities available on site. (The main kitchen will not however be available for cooking or food preparation on the day of the feast).

If there are any locals who have any concerns at all, about any aspect of self-catering, please take the time to talk to us and we will help you.

Visitors from out of Christchurch.
Many of our local populace will already know many of the people who will be visiting from out of town and we would encourage everyone to talk to people that you know to try to organise meals together. If there are any households that would like to offer hospitality to visitors, but who don't know any, please contact the Steward and we will pass on your invitation. The Steward's household is also preparing to cater for those from out of town who are not hosted elsewhere. We ask that out of town visitors contact the Steward directly if they need help to arrange a host for the event.

In short, all out of town visitors can be assured that when they come to Canterbury Faire, they won't have to worry about how they're going to be fed, as long as we all work together to organise things in advance.

In Service,
Richard d'Allier, Steward, Canterbury Faire 2005