Sharing pics of a new custom-designed helm

Mallas, a member of the Tuchux household, shares a description and photos of a new custom helm created for her by a SCAdian armour shop.

Mallas describes the helm as being based on a Norse design, but the specifics are unique to her needs:

If it's not obvious enough from the craftsmanship: it's a Lonely Mountain Forge original commission. I was inspired by the Norse Chieftan Helm on the Lonely Mountain Forge site but wanted something a bit more unique to my reenactment persona. Annora the Axe came up with this fantastic creation.

Mallas goes on to describe the design process:

"What I love about the helm — aside from that it's all mine — is that it's a custom job. With the loaner helms that I've tried on, one problem I had was that I couldn't breathe in them. Granted, a helm is supposed to be snug, but with asthma, I found I couldn't take in a lungful of air — kinda important when fighting. Annora took my measurements and took into account that I wanted a bit of extra breathing room at the mouth and nose area. I also have to wear sport goggles with the helm, and again she took this into consideration...."

Mallas says that she loves the fact that this is the only helm of its kind:

"Something else I like is that there weren't any molds of this helm. It truly is one of a kind... [O]ne of the advantages of having everything made by hand, the way it's supposed to be made in the craft. While I wanted something stylistically like the Norse Chieftan helm, I let Annora come up with the details — seeing how she's the artist and I'm not. ;) And what details! They truly are breathtaking."

Mallas adds that the artist built the design of the helm around her persona and name:

She considered my name, Mallas, and its meaning, Falcon Feather. And she took into mind the meaning hawks and falcons have for me personally and created the spectacular beard of feathers...."

"Here's a pic of Annora putting the final touches on the helm this past weekend. I can't wait to wear it into battle!"

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Hiya. We're not based on John Norman

Hiya. We're not based on John Norman or Gor. 30 some odd years ago the dogs that started us took the name from a book but that was it. Just sayin.

Correcting the description -- suggestions?


Since the John Norman reference isn't part of this particular news item, I'm assuming you refer to the text I wrote when adding "Tuchux" as a topic category on the site.

I got the definition of Tuchux from a web site that purported to be from a leader of the household, but perhaps that information is outdated. If so, I apologize.

I've been around Tuchux for over a decade, and though not a member of the household myself, I've never had any problem with the Tuchux. So I don't intend any offense with the description. If it's inaccurate, and someone from the Tuchux can provide a more up-to-date description, I'll be glad to change the text on our topic category.

Also, if there's such a thing as an official Tuchux web site, I'd love to add you to our links catalog. I did a Google search, but there were so many sites calling themselves "Tuchux home page" that I wasn't sure which one was really the official site, and opted to not link any rather than link the wrong one.

As I say, please feel free to suggest a more current description for the group, and I'll gladly update the description.


I wasnt offended. We run into

I wasnt offended. We run into that gor crap quite a bit so I figured I'd set it right. We dont have an official website because we're lazy like that. Oh, and tell clubby he cant duck me forever >:)

Hey all-- Mallas here (yeah,

Hey all-- Mallas here (yeah, that's my helm posted above :) my thanks to for posting the info on my helm.

Admittedly I would be considered new to reenactment & aside from watching the local SCA group meet at my high school some 15 odd years ago, my total exposure to this world has been through the Tuchux and my clansmen the Wolverines. While I don't know of an "official" Tuchux website, the basic info on who the Tuchux are can be found at -- a site for the Kur Clan.

One bit that can clarify the description of Tuchux comes right from Sleen's info page:

'TUCHUX - This word came from a fantasy novel series, called GORE, the name was applied to our group from "WOLF" the mighty, he was leader of all tuchux in the beginining. The group was started as a martial arts/medieval reenactment group who fought separately and with the SCA "Society for Creative Anachronism".'

And Tuchux are referred to as Clans, not households.

The blacksmith who forged my helm is a fellow clansister & we're both fighting wenches.


I thought 'clanisters' were were

I thought 'clanisters' were what you had on the counter and kept sugar and flour in...