"Ancanar" film web site receives major update

The creators of the forthcoming Tolkien-inspired film Ancanar have released a major update of the movie's web site, with news of the film's latest progress.

The webmaster writes:

The biggest change is the introduction of the Commmunity system, where every visitor can create a detailed profile, including custom avatars, signatures, and personal information. Every visitor can send PMs (Private Messages) to each other, and even the cast and crew. Registered members will receive special benefits as the site progresses. The change we're most proud of is the introduction of site "themes." Once you've registered, you can choose the theme of Ancanar.com, be it Rammoth, Ceredin, or Elven Ruins. The site will always remember your chosen theme every time you log in. There are currently four to choose from, and more will be added in the future.

Ancanar was the brainchild of two Tolkien fans, who "began this little production in 1999, as two people, with only US$20,000 and a Canon XL-1." When the film's web site went online in 2000, it attracted a following of hundreds of thousands of fans, and the initial trailer was downloaded over one million times. The publicity attracted the attention of producer Barry Opper, and the film now has a studio budget to allow completion of battle scenes and other expensive shots that were left out of the original project.

Gijchar and Annora of The Lonely Mountain Forge, an armoury that caters to (among others) SCA fighters, are providing the arms and armour for Ancanar. Although the film is inspired by Tolkien's Silmarillion, it is an original story rather than a remake of Tolkien's epic tale.