Remembering Lord Duff MacKellar of Vatavia

Lord Duff MacKellar the Blacksmith of Vatavia, a resident of Northshield and then of Calontir, was killed in a motor vehicle accident on November 9.

Lord Duff, recently of the Barony of Vatavia in modern-day Wichita, Kansas, had also lived in Minnesota. In 1994, he changed his name from Radbot Gunther to Duff MacKellar. While in Northshield, which was then a Principality of the Middle Kingdom, he was active in the proto-incipient Shire of Lochlan Keep.

Lord Duff received his Award of Arms from the Crown of Calontir. Later in that same kingdom, he was recognized as a Companion of the Torse for his service, and as a Companion of the Leather Mallet for his skill in the sciences.

Thanks to Master Eadweard Boiceright, a friend of the family, for providing information for this report.