Email list brings medievalist hunters and fishers together

The newly-created "Fur and Scales" email list was created as a resource for anyone interested in hunting, fishing, falconry, and related activities in the Middle Ages.

Around those specific activities, the group will build discussions on preparing for the activities, making equipment, clothing, cooking the catch, and everything in between. If you needed it for an outdoor activity, it's open conversation.

As with any new list, it might take a week or two in order to get a core group of people to get the conversations going, since people don't necessarily start jumping right away.

The goal of the list is to assemble Medieval outdoorsman and outdoorswomen to share their learnings, accomplishments, and failures, not only amongst themselves but also to people who have some interest but don't know where to start or where others before them have gone.

You can subscribe to the list by sending an email to, or visit the "original article" link from this page.

Lord Liam O'Shea
~~~the fish dude

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