Day of the Troubadors

The Incipient Canton of Westbelleford's annual event Day of the Troubadors is close, on November 27th.

I will direct you to the webpage, to find our details on the fighting, fencing, frivolity and other enjoyments to be had during your stay in our humble home.

Two important points I need to bring to your attention:

1. For those wishing to participate in the Court Masque or perform during feast, please make certain you contact me at your earliest convenience so that I might arrange the day's entertainment. I need to have all submissions to me (I need the type of entertainment supplied and the interpretation of "Transition" to me the most) by Nov 24th.

2. FEAST IS HALF-RESERVED ALREADY!! I highly reccomend contacting our reservations steward as soon as possible to hold your place at the feast table. We will be arranging off-board seating in the upper gallery for those wishing to sup off-board.

We hope to see you as our guests to our colourful event...