Instructors Needed for Gulf Wars XIV

It is time to send out the call for teachers and instructors for Classes at Gulf Wars XIV.

Master Erik of Telemark writes:

We have class opportunities in the following areas:
A&S Tent Area:
Three A&S tents set up for the purpose of teaching A&S focused classes. Contact: Master Erik of Telemark, email:

Artisans Row:
Contact:"Roslyn McLaren"

Early Period Life:
This class area focuses on, but is not exclusive to, hands on courses learning pre-1066 skills. Lecture classes may be included here depending on subject matter. Class Coordinator: Mistress Brigit Olesdottir mka: Pam Kreyling

To Equestrians coming to GW14, If you are interested in teaching a equestrian class in any area new or old please post to me privately at K Webb and we will get it posted to the Chroniclers for posting into the population. The classes will add to our already growing event and give new meaning to coming to war.

Herald's Point:
Heraldry related topics. Contact: Mistress Bronwen, email:

Kennel Lands:
Classes on the period practices of Dog Coursing and related topics. Contact: THL Samira Umm' al Harith email: "Edie Bain"

Middle Eastern Classes:
Classes on a wide variety of Middle Eastern related topics. Contact: Mistress Maysun email:

Newcomer's Point Classes:
"Welcome to the SCA" type classes. Contact: Mistress Daphne email:

The deadline for instructor registration for Gulf Wars XIV is Jan 31, 2005. Classes will be taught Tuesday - Saturday (March 15 - 19, 2005).

Yours in Service,
Master Erik of Telemark
Classcrat, Gulf Wars XIV