Barony of Flame's Christmas Tourney Enjoyed by All

Let your imagination envision the building as a castle and great hall, set in the English countryside during the winter during the Elizabethian period. It was a cold wintery day, perfect English winter weather. The infamous Baron Lothair von Drachenstein, his beautiful Baroness Isadora von Drachenstein, and the people of his lands decided to hold a day of fun and tournaments. They sent invitations to all in the kingdom and surrounding lands.

The events of the day started with people arriving from all over the Kingdom and following lands. With the arrival of the Royal Highnesses, Sir Pieter Van Doorn his lovely lady, Princess Nan Astrid of York.

For one of the tournaments, a toy, coat or donation was asked so as to be given to the children of the lands that were in need.

The tournaments started with His Highness taking the feild and challenging all newcomers and all who wished to fight him. Among his challengers were our future fighters and protectors of the kingdom. They all fought well and honorably against our noble Prince.

Then the tournaments began. They started with the "Unusual Weapons" Tournament and the "Feather Fall" Tournament. All combatants fought well and honorably, with the winner of the "Unusual Weapons" Tournmanet being Sir Brannos and the winner of the "Fallen Feather" Tournament being Sir Ullr.

Baron Lothair von Drachenstein announced and started the "Toy" Tournament. This tournament was a double elimanation bout. All combatants fought well and with Honor, Chivalry and with great Knightliness. The last two combatants were Count Brannos and Count Valharic. The two combatants fought and fought, and Count Brannos emerged as the winner.

While these tournaments were going on, there were rapier tournaments, and boffer tournaments for the children. I am not quite sure who won the fencing. There were three winners of the boffer tournaments. Two fine young lasses -- I forgot their names (sorry) -- and a fine lad who is the son of Sergeant Taran the Warpiper.

Afterward, a small and quick court was held before a fabulous feast was served. Awards and recognition were given, then Their Hignesses bestowed upon a very nice and fine lady the title "Court Baroness".

Finally, feast was upon us all. Entertainement was provided by many throughout the lands, with a beautiful song sang by a wonderful lady from our neighboring shire, Drakelaw. Tournament prizes where handed out to the winners.

Throughout the day, the children were given little roses for acts of Chivalry and Honor. During feast, Baroness Isadora von Drachenstein gave gifts to all the children and awarded the child with the most roses, a sweet little girl by the name of Sara (if I remember correctly), her prize.

The feast was wonderful, and the bounty was plenty. Much appreciation went to Lady Mercedes and her cooking staff for a wonderful meal and for all their hard work.

The evening ended with dancing and friends talking and catching up on news and times.

Everyone parted after a day of being around great friends, great tournaments and a day full of fun.

To all who came, we thank you. And to the Barony of the Flame, thank you for a great event and a wonderful day and for all the hard work that you did to make the event what it was.