History of Caid

These past few months, I've been ensconsed with various arcane tomes of knowledge, endeavoring to draft a place among the dim recesses of the ether wherein one might read the tale of the history of the Kingdom of Caid. Having made the first public announcement at Coronation this past Saturday, I am ready to bring this news to a wider audience.

Many before me have worked on the project to bring it to this place, from Duchesses Diana de Sevigny, may she rest in peace, and Neptha of Thebes, through Baron Jonas Aquillion, THL Miguel Esteban Franco de los Rios, Master Aldred von Lechsend aus Froschheim, and Master Timotheus Zacharia. Their efforts allowed me to build on a framework of images, articles and tales which will provide material for me for quite some time. In addition, a wide range of photographers have lent their efforts to the task: the late HL Eyana bat-David nicChlurain, Lady Lavinia of Salsbury, Baron Jason Thomas the Wanderer, THL Kolfinna Kottr, Baron Keradwc an Cai and many others.

I am pleased to say that the first pages of the History are now available on the WWW, at http://home.earthlink.net/~caidan.history/index.html. This is a temporary home, as we'll be moving to the new Kingdom Web server as soon as it is configured. Please drop by and look -- there are pages for each reign of Caid's history, both as Principality and Kingdom, up to Saturday's Coronation and the historic events thereof. There will soon be many, many more pages, with pictures, articles and tales from throughout the life of the kingdom.

...and I'm always looking for more! To anyone who lives or has lived in Caid: Give me your pictures, your words, your papers and articles, tales, trials and triumphs, and we shall make of this history a tapestry for the ages, that in years to come others may look and say "THIS was the glory that is Caid!" I am almost absurdly proud to be part of this realm, and want your help to make this a rich legacy for those who will follow, and a resource for the newcomer to know our origins.

Please pass along this message to any other mailing list in the Kingdom of which I may not be a member, and encourage them to contact me at caidan.history@earthlink.net with questions, comments, corrections, or material to contribute.

With great thanks and in service,

THL Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux
Curator, Caidan History Project