Rowany Baronial Investiture and Yule Feast

Come celebrate the end of an era and the start of a new one at the Rowany Baronial Investiture and Yule Feast, seeing the stepping down of Corin and Keridwen as Baron and Baroness of Rowany, and the stepping up of Hrothgar and Helene, by the hands of Draco and Serena, King and Queen of Lochac.

And a lot of other fun things too!

Site: Heathcote Scout Camp, Heathcote
Time: from 6.30pm Friday.

The weekend includes:
Friday night: Ball (dance til you drop. Send us your dance requests now), Gaming (dicing mostly, I think, but we won't restrict you), Buffet supper

Saturday: Roman Games (with archery, pilum tossing, chariot racing, plumbata and armoured footracing, in a spectator-friendly format and environment), Lunch (simple, yet filling and nourishing) On-the-spot A&S competitions (we give you the materials, two hours later we judge your piece)

Open-air feast (to utilise the venue best. The Hall will be used in case of bad weather)

Courts of Devestiture and Investiture (with food throughout - no hungry royalty-watching here), Traditional Yule Entertainment (Green Man, Boar's Head, who knows - maybe even Sun Onna Stick Players), A&S competitions (more info to come, but Mail is one of them), Dancing (just a bit more, for those who can't say no)

Sunday: Heraldic Heavy Tourney, Light Tourney (yes, in armour), Rapier Tourney Lunch (again, nourishing but simple and filling), Closing court (Announcement of Baronial Champions)

Too tired (or emotional) to go home? Why not stay the night? Camping and bunks are available, with breakfasts in the mornings. NB bunks are only available if we get more than 30 bunk bookings by Dec 3, so if you want one, book one now!

Camping flat rate, includes breakfasts: $19
Bunking flat rate, includes breakfasts: $33
Feast attendance ONLY: booked by 3/12 $20 members/$22 nonmembers at the door $23/$25
Full weekend (Ball, lunches, feast) booked by 3/12 $35 members/$39 nonmembers at the door $38/$42

Find the numbers difficult? Feel free to round up. Hardship cases will be considered, contact me.

Bookings to, or my postal details are in Pegasus as Chronicler (or ask me- don't send them to the list, please). Money not required with bookings, but if you book and don't show, and don't cancel or at least apologise, you WILL be put into the "Shame List" in Pegasus (no, it doesn't exist yet, but don't give me an excuse).

Out of towners, please contact me also if you need help getting from the airport to and from the site.

What can I say? It will be huge.

Bethan of Brockwood
Steward of Rowany Yule