Grimwithshire attains Incipiency

At the Barony of Wealdsmere Tournament of Raven's on November 6th in the court of TRM Thorin and Daegmar, it was announced that the new group formed in the former unclaimed lands of An Tir is incipient and shall be known as Grimwithshire.

Grimwith is an Old English name taken from lore of the Yorkshire Dales region of England and means "a wood haunted by a ghost or goblin". Rather than be known as 'Shire of Grimwith' the populace has chosen Grimwithshire, which follows the more period usage.

This new branch of the SCA encompasses Stevens County and pend Oreille in NE Washington state.

At this same court it was proclaimed that their Graces Duke Sir Gunnar and the lovely Duchess Gabriell shall be Royal Patrons for this new fledgling shire of An Tir.

The Barony of Wealdsmere has sponsored the group and provided guidance and encouragement during their formation.

Ever In Dedicated Service,
Hon. Lady Wilhelmina de La Rochelle
Seneschale for the Incipient Grimwithshire