Stefan's Florilegium Updates for November 2004

The Honorable Lord Stefan li Rous has posted updates to Stefan's Florilegium for November 2004.

Greetings to gentles across the Known World,

Here is a copy of my Florilegium article for November, detailing what is new in the Florilegium this month.

If you have any comments, criticisms or suggestions for the Florilegium please feel free to email them to me.

After 22 years at Motorola/Freescale Semiconductor as a printed circuit board designer I was recently laid off. What this means is that I am now having to watch my expenses much closer than I have been. The Florilegium is a continuing expense but I would like to keep making it available. If you have enjoyed the Florilegium site over the years and found it useful, please consider using the PayPal donation button I have added to the top page of the site. Unfortunately, the donation is not tax deductible for you.




A Blending of the Past and Present

Over the past fourteen years in an ongoing effort, I have been collecting bits of useful information from various newsgroups, mail lists and articles submitted to me by their authors. In order to make this information available to others, I have placed this information in a series of files I call Stefan's Florilegium.

I am always interested in new articles. If you have written an article that would be of interest to others in the SCA, please send it to me for possible inclusion in the Florilegium. Contact me for more details.

I am also interested in volunteers who might be interested in helping me maintain the Florilegium. Everything from collecting materials, editing and web work is needed. Again, please contact me for more details.

THLord Stefan li Rous
stefan at

One of my prime concerns currently is to update all files to the new format which includes several new features such as making links "pickable" and some disguising of all email addresses to make it harder for the spammer's programs to harvest email addresses from this site. I support the execution of any convicted spammer. Yes, I am modifying all 1800+ files as fast as I can. This means that while I will continue to add new files each month, the usual amount will be reduced. However, as I update the files to the new format, I am adding any information I have waiting to go in a file, so there will be more updated files. Please let me know if you like the new format or have any suggestions.

Here are the new files for this month:

In the ANIMALS section:
Bestiaries-lnks - Links to on medieval bestiaries by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

the BEVERAGES section:
ein-msg - Wine made from grapes left on the vine until after the first frost.

the FOOD section:
se-lnks -Links to medieval and modern cheese by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

muaic2-lnks - Links to medieval European music by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

Here are just a some of the updated files, usually those with the largest amounts of new material:

cl-Germany-msg - Clothing of Medieval Germany.
almond-milk-msg - Making almond milk. Recipes. Deskinning nuts
angelica-msg - Period use of Angelica. Recipes.
aspic-msg - Notes on aspic, a meat-base gelatin.
butter-msg - Period butter. Making butter. Butter churns.
cinnamon-msg - Period cinnamon. Types of cinnamon.
fd-monks-msg - Food of medieval monks.
flowers-msg - Period flowers. Growing flowers.
G-of-Paradse-msg - History and use of the spice Grains of Paradise.
gardens-msg - Medieval gardens. flowers.
herbs-msg - Herbs used in period and how they were used. Modern sources.
humorl-theory-msg - Concepts of medieval Humoral Theory.
maize-msg - Discovery of maize (Indian corn) in the Americas and its introduction to Europe.
nuts-msg - Nuts, acorns, nut flours in medieval foods.
p-fd-coloring-msg - Period food colorings.
p-travl-guides-msg - Period travel guides.
salads-msg - Period salads. lettuce, greens.
SCA-transport-msg - Typical and unusual SCA vehicles and transportation.
ships-msg - Ships and shipbuilding. Sailor's food.
song-sources-msg - Sources for medieval songs. Book reviews.
spices-msg - Info. on spices, sources for spices.
woad-msg - History of woad. Making dyes from woad.


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Permission to reprint in SCA-related publications is hereby granted if the contents are left unchanged and the author is notified of the publication. Notification may be by email and reformatting is allowed.

THLord Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
Kingdom of Ansteorra
Mark S. Harris
Austin, Texas

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