Royal Citie of Eoforwic Celebrates 30th Anniversary

On Saturday November 6, the Royal Citie of Eoforwic (Toronto, Ontario) held a grand celebration to mark its 30th anniversary. Laird Colyne Stewart tells the story.

The Royal Citie of Eoforwic started as a northern shire within the Middle Kingdom, and eventually became one of the founding cantons of the Barony of Septentria.

Brother Thomas of the Order of St. Crispinus wrote of the founding of Eoforwic in his Historia Septentriae:

Before there was Ealdormere, before there was Septentria, there was the wide expanse of wild, untamed land. It was a realm rich with flora, and bears and wolves and other creatures freely roamed the woods and vales. In the eighth year of the Society a long ship came to this place. This vessel traveled across the cold Inland Seas and came to shore in land unclaimed by any King or Queen. Upon that boat was Count (now Duke) Sir Finnvarr de Taahe, a tall Irishman well renowned for his martial skill and his historian’s intellect. Quickly he set to work and began to build a hall. Before long he was joined by Lady (later Mistress) Gillian Olafsdottir d’Uriel, an old acquaintance from his homeland...

Together Finnvarr and Gillian cleared land, sowed fields and built halls. Others came to reside in the land, and soon they had formed the first northern shire. One of those to first join the new shire was Hugo von Feuerklippe... Thus was Eoforwic born in the ninth year of the Society. (Though in documents later procured by certain burghers of Eoforwic, it was discovered that Cariadoc, first King of the Middle, had granted the group city status a full two years before Finnvarr had founded it. This may have had to do with a certain ring they ‘returned’ to him that had been found rolled in the document.)

Eoforwic’s first event was held on the fifteenth of March and was a day of tourneys and feasting. It drew many visitors from the southron lands, and this was to continue whenever Eoforwic held an event.

Eoforwic, though officially a canton, has its own canton persona as a city (thanks to the above mentioned documents) and many of its populace hold positions and responsibilities such as the Lord Mayor and High Sheriff.

Hugo von Feuerklippe, who was knighted in AS 13, gave his name to a local landmark. Casa Loma—a castle built by local businessman Henry Pallett in the early 1900’s—was to become known to local SCAdians as Hugo Graff’s Keep.

For years many dreamed of hosting an event within the walls of the Keep, and last year Eoforwic finally realized that dream. Thanks largely to the efforts of Lady Rosalia dei Querini, Eoforwic hosted an event called Feast of the Bear in the castle. This year they again held the Feast at the castle to mark their 30th anniversary.

Fighting, fencing and merchanting occurred in the stables (which can be seen portrayed as a garage in the X-Men movie) and a feast followed in the conservatory. Their Majesties Ealdormere and Their Excellencies Septentria were in attendance, and courts were held.

Lord Eirik Anderson, of, was present, so pictures will be uploaded to his online galleries soon.