12th Night EK Squires Tourney

A new installation of the EK Squires Tourney will be held this 12th Night in the Barony of Dragonship Haven.

Last tourneys winner was Lord Emrys y Cynyydd. This is a Swiss style tourney, everyone fights every round.

Unbelted fighters who are not squired, but wish to participate must be sponsored by a member of chivalry. No exceptions.

Chivalry who will not be attending should contact Duke Balfar before the event to confirm their sponsored squires or other unbelteds.

Due to available space, participation in this tourney is limited to the first 50 entrants. It is also being held on the 3rd floor. Pack lightly or stretch before hauling your gear up.

You may pre-register for the tournament when you pre-register for the event. Just include a note clearly stating your intent to fight in the tourney and who is sponsoring you. You may enter on the day of the event, but once the list is full no more entrants will be allowed. Prizes will be awarded at court.

In obedience to Her Royal Majesty Svava, this will also be a Whim Tourney.

it is the whim of Svava Thorgeirsdottir, Queen of the East, that for the duration of this Reign there will be a tournament held at least twice in each of the Kingdom's four regions. At these tournaments there shall be at least two prizes created by regional artisans, preferably non-laurels. One prize will be awarded to the unbelted fighter who advanced the furthest in the list, and the second prize will be awarded to the winner of one or more of the following whims
(For all the details, please see

Consequently, there will be additional prizes for the unbelted fighter who advanced the furthest in the list (ooo, another 1st place prize!) and for Most Historically Accurate Armor.

A list of tournament entrants will be posted at http://www.thegarnish.com/EKSquireTourney/12nightEntrants.html

You can check here to be sure your entry was received safely, check how full the tourney is getting and find out who your competition will be that day.