Fencers Compete for Princess' Sleeve in Northshield

Brother Aleksandros, scribe to THL Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev, sends this report on the recent Northshield Rapier Academy in the Barony of Castel Rouge.

Translated From Old Church Slavonic this November of the Western Calendar AS XXXIX

A Tale of Northshield's Rapier Academy in the Barony of Castel Rouge by Brother Aleksandros, for THL AVL

In the writings of the wise Ridolfo Capo Ferro - 1610, Gran simulacro... it is said that "There is no greater truth than this: Offence and Defense are one."

And so they travelled from near and far, far, far away to attend Northshield's First Kingdom Rapier Academy and First Royal Princess's Sleeve Tournament in the Ancient and Venerable Barony of Castel Rouge. Friday night saw the arrival of many gentles from as far away as the eastern Baronies of Windhaven, of Caer Anterth Mawr and Jararvellir and from nearer the Barony of Nordskogen, and from the Shires of Korsvag, of Midewinde, Rockhaven and of Colderhale to name a few. Such a wide and diverse and distant gathering of gentles had not been witnessed since the Great Baronial 30 Year Anniversary Feast or the Grand Investiture/Coronet Tourney of the Ancient Years. All told some 60 gentles attended the Northshield Rapier Academy and together learned and taught, and witnessed great skills in an honorably fought Tournament.

Saturday, the Great Halls of the University were Opened and made ready to welcome our guests. Most notably were the entirety of Northshield's Royal Family, His Most Royal Majesty Siegfried von Kulmbach and Her Most Royal Majesty Bridei nic Gillechattan and His Most Royal Highness Tarrach Alfson and Her Most Royal Highness Fina ingen Aeda were in attendance to preside over the days various activities while Their Excellencies of the Barony of Castel Rouge, Hreodbeorht of Harhun-del and Faerisa Gwynarden were Their Noble Hosts. The preparation for the day of activites were in the worthy hands of Her Excellency Deidre Neville, Provost of the Rapier Academy and Stewards THL Clare Agatha MacLeod, and THL Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev; and their deputies Lady Eibhleann and Lord Sean. Together a great array of classes and lectures were offered by notable and wise instructors:

  • Period Techniques for Beginners - Master Isaac de Hugo
  • Range Games - HE Don Rodrigo de Montoya
  • Beating a Better Opponent - Warder Michael St. Christian
  • Footwork and Wards from Agrippa, Marozzo and DiGrassi - Don Kou Toshikage-sama
  • Northshield Youth Rapier Marshaling - Master Julio de Gavin
  • Solo Drills and Exercises - Baron Robin Robin Kyrke
  • Rapier and Cloak-Warder Lazarth Gauge
  • Rapier Italian Style - Warder Simon Morcar
  • Drop Tester Construction & Use - Warder Kevin O'Shaunghnessy,
  • An Overview of the Masters of Defense -Master Isaac de Hugo
  • Striving For Ideals: Bringing It to the Field - Don Kou Toshikage-sama
  • Rapier and Dagger-George Silver - Warden Michael St. Christian
  • Basic Melee Tactics - Lady Teffen Koerwent
  • An Introduction to Sidesword (Cut & Thrust Rapier) Combat as it is Practiced in the SCA - Warder Kevin O'Shaunghnessy
  • Psychological Warfare - Warden Lazarth Gauge
  • Common and Not So Common Armor and Gonnes of the Period - Lord Pedro de Carrion del los Condes Ramirez
  • You've Just Authorized, Now What? - Don Kou Toshikage-sama
  • Rapier and Buckler - Master Julio de Gavin
  • Measure and Tempo - Warder Simon Morcar
  • Spanish Rapier Primer - Don Mateo Montero de Madrid
  • Women's Issues in Rapier - Lady Caelfind ni Mullen
  • A Northshield Rapier Marshal's Round Table and Botany 101: Walk in the Fields - Warder Michael St. Christian

There were also a few non-rapier classes:

  • Everyday Life in Rome - Lady Berengaria
  • Roman Games - Baron Thrym
  • What's a Roman Faction? - THL Kolbrunna

For all the instructors and participants of the classes SKOLD!

But one must not forget the the notable care of Warder Simon Morcar for acting as Marshal-in-Charge and arranging the running of the the Royal Princess's Sleeve Tourney. Simply put a great day for Northshield's Rapier community was had by the exchanging of ideas and knowledge and the trading of good blows in honour on the field. All of the entrants in the Princess's Sleeve Tourney were introduced to HMRH Fina and She thanked them all for the pleasure of witnessing their skill and honour on the list field. In the Ancient Days many great tourneys were held and History will record that for the below Coronets of Northshield were served well ...

  • Hrodir Vigageirr Toreson and Giulia Isabella da Venezia
  • Baron Rodrigo de Montoya (Sleeve holder & Champion)
  • Aubrey Swyftwater and Anne Geofferys of Warwick
  • Warder Kristoff Fugger (Sleeve holder & Champion)
  • Leif Haakonson (known as Gray Fox) and Astrid of the Yellow Rose
  • Warder Michael St. Christian (Sleeve holder)
  • Robert the Thunderous and Isabella Falcão da Galinha
  • Warder Kristoff Fugger (Sleeve holder)
  • Kitakaze Tatsu Raito & Elashava bas Riva
  • Lady Roisen ingen Ailel (Sleeve holder)
  • Gaius Niklos Aurelius Luctator & Aramanthra the Vicious
  • Warder Jock McKee (Sleeve holder)
  • Kenneth die Katze & Leyla ibnat ash-Shamaal
  • Lady Roisen ingen Ailel (Sleeve holder and Champion)
  • Saeric Scireham & Yasamin al-Hadiyya
  • Lord Roland the Mad (Sleeve holder and Champion)
  • Tristan von Eisig & Eilika von Lutzen
  • Warder Lazerus Gauge (Sleeve holder)
  • Gaylen the Smiling & Kelinda Garret
  • Warder Kristoff Fugger (Sleeve holder and Champion)
  • Alasdair MacFhearghuis & Isabelle de la Montana
  • Dorian of the Blue Moon (Sleeve Holder)
  • Tarrach Alfson & Fiona nic Aoidh (Fina Ingen Aeda)
  • Alexander of Manchester (Sleeve Holder)
  • Belrix of Blue Rose & Prism of Blue Rose
  • Lloyd of Penrose (Sleeve Holder)
  • Cnut Ragnarsson & Nina Mirovna Korsakova
  • Simon Morcar (Sleeve Holder)
  • Siegfried Schneepanther & Therica Pembroke of Stonegate Manor
  • Michael Saint Clair (Sleeve Holder)
  • Conn MacNiell & Kassandra Tenebrosa
  • Adrian de Troyes (Champion)
  • Dafydd ap Gwalchmai & Gwyneth Felton
  • Master Isaac de Hugo (Champion)

In the end there could be but one and after a well fought contest Crown Princess Fina congratulated Warden Lazarth Gauge for his daring and skills shown on the field and honoured him as the Bearer of the Princess's Sleeve. To all who took part and bore witness SKOLD! While all of these great deeds were going on there was also time throughout the day to test and welcome new members to the Rapier Community of Northshield. Lady Rozele of Midewinde, HMRM Bridei nic Gillechattan and HE Hreodbeorht of Harhun-del were all found to be acceptable as Northshield's newest authorized rapier combattants. Vivant!

All to quickly the days activities passed and all were gathered to witness in Royal and Baronial Court. "All Rise for Their Dread Stellar Majesties of the Kingdom of Northshield Siegfried von Kulmbach, REX and Bridei nic Gillechattan, REGINA; and for Their Most Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Tarrach Alfson and Crown Princess Fina ingen Aeda; and for Their Excellencies of the Barony of Castel Rouge, Hreodbeorht of Harhun-del and Faerisa Gwynarden." With Their Majesties command of populace to "Seek their ease" The Northshield Kingdom Court Opened. The populace were called forth and offered to swear fealty or pledge service. Many accepted the offer and Royal Hands and on Sword of State on hands of the populace linked throughout repeated the following oath ... "I hear (swear/pledge fealty) service and do homage to the Crown of Northshield. I will faithfully guide to those who seek my aid, loyally serve the Griffin Realm, and by my honour and actions, light the way. Thus swear I .... ." Their Majesties looked out and catching eye for eye They responded, "We accept your promises to US and to the Kingdom of Northshield. We will act toward you respectively in all things, protecting you with Our aid and rewarding you with Our love. But may all your strength fail you and the world turn against you if you should break your solemn oath." Next HE Diedre, Provost of the Northshield Rapier Academy was summoned into Court. She extended many thanks to the attending Royalty, the Event Staff, the Teachers, the Students and to the Barony of Castel Rouge for a great event. HMRH Fina brought to the Court's attention and invited all to journey to the Shire of Rudivale to attend Northshield Scribal and Heraldic Symposium on November 20/04. TMRM's Siegfried and Bridei brought to the Court's attention and invited all to journey to A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver: Clothiers Seminar in the Barony of Nordskogen on November 13/04. Then on a more serious note TMRM's Siegfried and Bridei issued a Rapier Combatants Call to Arms to join Them at Gulf Wars in March 2005 so that the greater Society may witness Northshield's honour on the list fields and Our foes experience the Rapier Talons of the Griffon.

Their Excellencies Hreodbeorht and Faerisa the sought Permission for Baronial Court, which was Granted. " Here Opens the Court of the Ancient and venerable Barony of Castel Rouge, Child of the Dragon, Shield of the Griffon, Sister to the Noble Barony of Carraig Ban ... Baron Hreodbeorht and Baroness Faerisa presiding." The Honorable Lady Clare Agatha McLeod, Baronial Rapier Marshal was called forth. She extended congratulations to the new authorized rapier combatants at the event ( Lady Rozelle, HMRM Bridei ) and presented a new Baronial rapier belt to HE Hreodbeorht as the newest Baronial Rapier Fighter. Lord Marcus Valerius was then summoned. TE's noted that Lord Marcus was leaving for the Kingdom of Lochac for 1 year. TE's charged him to carry the best of the Barony with him and to return. Next New Baronial Members were invited to announce themselves unfortunately none in attendance. Then, The Honorable Lord Pedro and Lady Emma and baby Maya Giselle were called forth. THL Pedro was present to accept TE's thanks for increasing the Barony's population and happily accepted Their donation to Maya's dowry. Lastly Baroness Ainesleah, Baronial Raffle coordinator was called forth and announced that the raffle made approx $100 CA which the Barony would be using toward costs in the Royalty Travel Fund. TE's extended thanks to all in attendance and Baronial Court was closed.

Their Most Royal Majesties Court resumed and the following gentles were recognized for their contributions. To The AWARD OF THE BLACK BOLT's rolls were added the names of Lord Dirk van der Kruis and Lord Siegound Eisenhaut for their demonstrations of prowess and chivalry in artillery activities (archery) including participation beyond their own personal endeavors. To the AWARD OF THE BALE FIRE roll's were added the names of The Honorable Lady Kole (Kolbrunna Gisladóttir), Lord Eric LeVerrier and Lord Magnus Hamilton for their show of proficiency in one or more of the Arts (Cooking) or Sciences(Wood and Metal Working), including a level of participation beyond their own personal endeavors. Next to the AWARD OF CYGNUS rolls the names of Lord Alrekr Agnasson (previously known as Alaric Wyns.), The Honorable Lady Clare Agatha MacLeod, Lord Oswald Logan, The Honourable Lord Osric Fayrehope and Lady Rachelle Domonique de Brienne were added for their performed substantial services to the Kingdom of Northshield as Seneschal, Rapier Marshal, Local Group Service, Webminister and Exchequer. Next many worthy names were added to the rolls of the AWARD OF THE QUEEN'S GLOVE, Baron Robyn Arthur Kyrke, Lord David du Pont, Lord Marcus Valerius, Lady Leona Talbot and Lord Robert Talbot were recognized as gentles who demonstrated prowess and chivalric comportment in rapier combat, including a level of participation beyond their own personal endeavors. Their Most Royal Majesties then decreed that the SCROLL OF HONOUR would have an addition made. TMRM's have added the Scribes of the Barony of Castel Rouge to the Northshield Scroll of Honour for their gift of approx 150 illuminated scroll blanks at Coronation Court. From Their Majesties and the the Kingdom Signet Thank You. From our ancient past the ORDER OF THE PYXIS, here is recognition given for putting forth great effort at researching, creating and maintaining a period persona and atmosphere. Bearing thus in mind TMRM's invited the Honourable Lord Pedro de Carrion del los Condes Ramirez (previously known as Shingen Musashi and Musashi Shigenotsuke.) into this Order that while bearing no precedence is near and dear to Northshielders Hearts. As Court was drawing to a close TMRM's invited TMRH's and TE's to offer any final business other than the thanks and appreciation of all those in attendance. Crown Princess Fina had one piece of business. She handed a wrapped icon to HMRM Siegfried who commented, "Good Herald, Aleksandr you have served us well this day inviting us to recognize many of worthy deeds. How would you write a letter commending yourself to us?" THL Aleksandr sadly was without any words and was summoned into TMRM's presence. King Siegfried extolled upon what He perceived as THL Aleksandr's long term service, dedication and obvious love for Northshield and invited him into the ORDER OF TYR for his distinguished courtesy and outstanding service on behalf of Northshield. The Icon previously mentioned was of THL Aleksandr by Master Gavehard's skilled hands in Cyrillic. In accepting the icon and the order's membership THL Aleksandr agreed to continue conspicuous service and to help others find their own opportunities for service. Once more THL Aleksandr was lacking for words. Northshield Court was Closed. "All Rise! Long Live the King! Long Live the Queen! Long Live the Prince! Long Live the Princess! Long Live Northshield!"

There after gentles went to several local eateries enjoying the wild assortment of foods available in Castel Rouge. Later that evening they gathered again to continue to trade blows on the rapier lists, to share deserts, to dance under Master Isaac's guidance and to share good company until the late late hours. The site was finally closed at midnight. The next day some gathered to share a Regional Rapier Practice while many began their journey's home to spread the tales of Northshield's First Kingdom Rapier Academy. Here ends the tale as recited by witnesses and written by the hand of Brother Aleksandros, servant to the THL Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev.