Membership Reform Proposal Submitted to SCA Board

Duke Sir Frederick of Holland has formally submitted his membership policy reform proposal to the SCA Board of Directors, with a request that a discussion thereof be added to the January meeting. recently reported on this proposal, which would make sweeping changes to the way in which SCA memberships are defined and to the way in which the SCA and its kingdoms are funded. (Our original article is at in case you missed it.)

In a recent post to the Lochac e-mail list, His Grace writes, "I beg to disturb your conversations but briefly to announce that my proposal to change the way memberships are looked at has been sent to the board with a plea that it be put on the agenda for the January Meeting."

Duke Frederick's "Participation Membership Proposal" (PMP) has sparked a lot of discussion on several Kingdom e-mail lists and on the Rialto newsgroup. Opinions range from wholehearted support to angry rejection. Some people assert that it is similar to proposals that have already been debated and rejected, while others (including Frederick himself) hold that it is significantly different and merits consideration. While does not take an editorial position for or against the proposal, we feel it is in the interest of our readers to present the information for your perusal.

The BoD has not yet responded to His Grace's petition to add the proposal to the January meeting agenda.

Further information on the proposal, including newly-added clarification and commentary, is available from Duke Frederick's web site.