Dye-ing to raise money for breast cancer research

It started out as a joke on the Middle Kingdom email list, and now has grown to something potentially wonderful in the fight against breast cancer.

Andrew MacBain the Purple, a well-known bard in the Middle Kingdom, was the butt of a gently-humorous post on the Middlebridge, and has turned a jest into an opportunity to raise money in the fight against breast cancer.

Purple writes:

I am announcing my newest fundraiser. For $5, you may select a 3 inch square section of scalp on my head. The hair growing out of your selection will be dyed the color of your choice. Once the hair has grown out enough, that section may be dyed again. I will not cut my hair for the duration of Brannos' and Rebekah's reign. By the end, I should be quite the rainbow.

For $30, you can have my whole head, for two weekends (Saturday to Saturday), and (ahem) do with it as you wish. After two consecutive events, all of my hair will be made available for re-dying again.

My fundraising team will keep track of who wants which color, and will notify you of the events the dye will be at.

Pictures, of course, will be available. Actual 3X5 prints will cost $5 each.

I'll start taking applications right now. Email me at drew@drewncapris.net, and we'll arrange to exchange money, and location/color preferences.

For the rest of the year, I am planning on going to either Feast of All Souls or RUM on November 13th, Bardic Madness South on November 20, and the Youth Fighting Symposium on December 11th. I'll announce my 2005 schedule when I know it.

I'm sure you're all dye-ing to get started.


Republished by kind permission of the author.