A&S Shines at Bright Hills "TNT" Event

Lady Martel von Charlottenburg, Deputy Minster of A&S, for the Barony of Bright Hills, describes A&S activities at the recent Thegns and Thralls Event held in the Barony.

Lady Martel writes:

I wish to thank everyone who brought their A&S work to share with us at TNT (Theigns and Thralls, A Night In Heorot). We had many excellent items both for display and in competition. Once again we were able to admire the Mästermyr Project reproduction viking chest and tools. Our feast hall was impressivly decorated by Lady Szilagy Margit with handpainted Celtic and Viking motif banners. A good viking day was had by all!

The SCA is a pale shadow without it's artisans!

A special thank you goes out to those who donated prizes or were sponsors for our competitions. Many prizes were hand made and very beautiful!

This day we held the following competitions:

  • Best Carved Item in Any Medium-
    (Sponsored by Lord Owen Sherard Trahern)
    Brenna of Dragonsmere, for a knife and spoon set with carved antler handles.
  • Best Viking Artifact-
    Baron Heinrich Kreiner, for his Danish Spangan (Danish Helm). This item was the prize for the heavy weapons list. Baron Heinrich was also named Bright Hills Baronial A&S Champion for the insuing year.
  • Best Use of the Bayeux Tapestry Stitch/2 catagories
    (Sponsorede by Lady Martel von CHarlottenburg)
    1)Novice Needle Worker, 1 year or less- Lady Ingebjorg I Trondheim, for 2 round badges.
    2)Experienced Needleworker, 1 year or more- Lady Janina Krakowska of Cambion, for a wool pouch with applied slip of bird from the tapestry. Special note was made of her 2nd entry-a modern water bottle with a linen cover embroidered in the style of the bayeux tapestry! Very clever indeed!
    This embroidery class gave a second prize given due to the quality of the entry-
    Lord Denis de Dijon, for a pilgrims bag decorated with a swan in multicolored laid and couched work. This item was given as the prize for the Baronial Archery Champion.
  • Bardic Challange-
    Lady Moragh MacFael Lady Moragh was also named the Bright Hills Baronial Bard for the second year in a row! She is very good and will do the Barony proud!
  • The Brewing Competition was hard fought with the judges taking over an hour to decide on the winner- M'lady Susanne Morrison - she took both novice and best,IIRC.
  • Best Man's Viking Garb- Haldan of Bright Hills
  • Best Woman's Viking Garb- Lady Martel von Charlottenburg.

I also wish to thank all those who stepped up to act as judges for these competitions. Being a judge is sometimes an invisible but important job. Not only do you have to score the entries but you are asked to give advice and encouragement also. Thank you again for your help!

And last but certainly not least-Classes were offered during the day-

  • "Sprang" Mistress Ingvild Josefsdatter
  • "Bone Carving" Lord Owen Sherard Trahern
  • "Viking Wrestling" Lord Owen Sherard Trahern
  • "Bow Making" *I did not get this good Gentles name
  • "Beayeux Tapestry Stitch" Lady Martel von Charlottenburg.

If I have missed anyone or anything, please drop me an email so that no artistic achievement goes unrecorded!

Your in Service to the Arts-

Lady Martel von Charlottenburg
Deputy Minster of A&S, Barony of Bright Hills.