A squire's view of Midrealm Crown Tourney

Lord Brice le Corbet, squire to one of the finalists in Midrealm Crown Tourney, recounts the suspense of the last few rounds.

Lord Brice is squired to Sir Edmund of Hertford, who took second place in a closely-matched final bout. Brice writes:

For those of you unable to attend the Crown Tournament of the Middle Kingdom this past weekend, let me assure you that it was an event of pageantry and chivalry with both moments of suspense and a lot of good times. As squire to His Grace, Duke Edmund, let me share my observations on the final rounds of the tournament.

The semi-final round saw Sir Alaric best Duke Eliahu ben Itzhak, though he had to win twice to His Grace’s single win to advance. Duke Edmund also had to win twice to Captain Dyderich Wolfhart’s single win to proceed to the final round, and did so. This set the stage for an anticipated bout between these two noble and skilled men — a match that, knowing the skills and abilities of both men, I did not want to miss.

His Majesty, Brannos, announced that, by agreement of the combatants, the match would be fought thus: First round – sword and spear; Second round – Sword and shield; Third round (if required) – weapon form to the choice of the individual. The final round proved the equal of its expectations, going through all three combats to decide the victor.

The first round went to Duke Edmund after a spirited and well-fought bout on the part of both in a weapon style not often utilized in these lands, let alone a Crown tournament. The second went to Sir Alaric after an equally fine bout and skillful effort on the part of both men. The third round saw both men with sword and shield and was ended decisively with a stout blow to the body of Duke Edmund by Sir Alaric.

Share your words of congratulation with both of these men for their prowess and chivalry they demonstrated. Rest assured the realm will be in good hands with our new heirs. Well deserved and well fought, Your Highness.