Middle Kingdom hails new Royal Heirs

Inspired by his Lady, Noelle la Chauciere, Sir Alaric le Fevre has won this weekend's Crown Tournament in the Middle Kingdom.

Both Lady Noelle and Sir Alaric are from the Barony of Cleftlands, located in modern-day Cleveland, Ohio. An observer of the final rounds, THL Angelique Michele d'Herisson, writes:

Congratulations to the new heirs of the mighty Middle Kingdom, Sir Alaric Le Fevre and Lady Noelle la Chauciere! In the final best-two-of-three round, Sir Alaric won the first and third fights over Ealdorman Edmund of Hertford, who fought for Duchess Kateryn Bronwen of Gloucester. In the semi-finals, Sir Alaric had defeated Duke Eliahu ben Itzhak, who fought for Maestra Arianna Llwyd, and Edmund had defeated Captian Dyderich Wolfhart, who fought for THL Odette d'Amboise.

Everyone fought most nobly, and it was a glorious day for both Crown and Kingdom.

The tournament was held at the Shire of Narrental in modern-day Peru, Indiana. In addition to Their Majesties Brannos and Rebekah from the Midrealm, Their Majesties Siegfried and Bridei of Northshield were in attendance, and seated in a place of honor at Court.

In evening Court, a treaty was signed allying the new Kingdom of Northshield with the Middle Kingdom for wars that threaten either. The treaty is renewable on an annual basis by Their Majesties' of both kingdoms' mutual consent. The Heirs of Northshield, Tarrach and Fina, had also sent along a missive indicating their full support of the treaty. The proclamation of this treaty, and the earlier signing of an awards treaty between the kingdoms, was greeted by thunderous applause. Their Stellar Majesties of Northshield received loud shouts of "Vivant Northshield!" as Court ended.

At the end of Court, TRM Brannos and Rebekah observed that Halloween was almost upon us, and then They and TRM Siegfried and Bridei began tossing largesse, in the form of bags of candy and other treats, to the children in the crowd.

At feast, which was just before Court, a lord made bold before all assembled to propose marriage to the lady of his dreams, who immediately embraced and kissed him. As the applause faded, he asked, "Was that a 'yes?'", and the lady joyfully assured him that it was indeed.

Yet this is not the only marriage in the offing, for it happens that the Midrealm Heirs, Alaric and Noelle, are themselves engaged to be married. The wedding will take place, according to our sources, during the month of December.

Congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses!

Editor's note: SCAtoday.net thanks THL Angelique for her report on the final battle rounds.