Rhydderich Hael Baronial Investiture

The populace has spoken! It is time to invest a new Baron and Baroness: Lord William Freskyn Murray and Lady Katherine Kiersey.

Pray attend one and all to the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael's Baronial Investiture, to be held Saturday, December 11, 2004 at the Central Park United Methodist Church, 216 Beard Avenue, Buffalo, NY. It is bone dry, but candles are allowed at feast. The day runs from 9 AM- 11 PM. Being an older church, the site has many stairs. (However, the view more than makes up for it).

Fencing registration opens at 9, followed by situational fencing. There will be fighting as time allows. Activities include gaming tables. The auction has been changed to a basket raffle, although still to both raise funds to replace the damaged Hael pavilion from Aethelmearc War Practice, and assist the Aethelmearc Scribes in getting their own. (Desserts sold can be eaten in addition to Lord Cynwyl's dessert for dinner... or taken home if one is too full...) There will be room available for children's activities. Those with bardic interests in the Hael are also planning something for our schedule. Merchants may also contact the autocrat: (Lady Diane the Scrivener, dscrivener14224@yahoo.com ).

Feastocrat is Lord Cynwyl Macdaire (Brina Engler). Please contact him directly with any questions. His proposed feast is follows: Onion soup, Roman fried bread w/dipping honey, Gilded chicken w/ pine nuts, fried green beans, herbed roman cheese, pork & apple pie, saffron rice, braised greens, followed by a sotoltie of baked aples & oranges w/ fruit & honey toppings. He has many things placed on the side to account for allergies....

Reservations may be sent to: Master Brandric Slayrock (Lawrence Southwick III). Please e-mail questions to: Brandric1@juno.com, Adults are $14 onboard, $10 offboard, and $7 outboard. Children 14 and under are half price, and those 5 and under are free. Canadian cousins please include 25% exchange.

From the West, South:
Take the I-90 E towards Buffalo. Merge onto the NY-33W/Kensington EXWY via exit 51W toward Buffalo. Take the exit toward Grider St. Turn slight left onto Warwick Ave. Turn right onto Deerfield Ave. Turn left onto Leroy Ave. Turn right onto Manhattan Ave. turn left onto E. Amherst St. Turn onto Voorhees Ave. Turn left onto Beard ave.

There is street parking only-- watch the signs to see which side is safe for parking.

From the North or Canada:
Take the I-190S and merge onto the NY-198 E/Scajaquada EXPWY via Exit 11. Take the RT-384 N- Delaware Ave. exit. Turn slight right onto NY -384 N- Delaware Ave. Turn right onto Nottingham terrace. Turn right onto Amherst St. Turn left onto Starin Ave. Turn right onto Bear Ave. End at 26 Beard Ave. Find parking on the street-- watch signs to see which side is safe for parking.

From the East:
Follow 90 to 90W towards Buffalo. Take 33 Kensington towards Buffalo (as opposed to Airport) and follow rest of directions as from West /South above.